Ca’ del Lago Farmhouse

Our farm was born from an ancient tradition that grandparents and parents transmitted us.
We grow the forage that we use like wares of exchange with the small local producers,
we love to take care of the cultures that can be seen in our fields and later in our plates.
The genuineness consists in producing everything in the most natural way, with no preservatives and fertilizers.

Honey is the result of the transformation of the nectar of flowers made by bees. It consists of a concentrated solution of sugars which are mainly fructose and glucose. It also contains vitamins, enzymes, minerals and many active characteristic of the plants used. Honey is a cheaper alternative to sports drinks and carbohydrate supplements.

Weight: 500 gr, 1 kg
Price: € 7,00 – € 12,00

Jams obtained with the newly developed technique of low-temperature cooking that allows you to concentrate the fruit while maintaining the organoleptic particularities virtually unchanged.

Fat or low-fat cheese, all producted in Lake Como area. The most famous is Semuda, the most traditional and typical cheese of our area.

All our cheeses are producted only with biological milk.

Weight: 1 kg
Price: 12,00 – 18,00 €

It’s possible to compose baskets with lots of Ca’ del Lago Farm House’s products  for any occasion.