Eating at Ca’ del Lago’s restaurant makes it possible to taste the typical elements of the traditional cuisine from Lake Como with some innovations:

Different types of rice, home made pasta, meat and salami produced by us, samples of local cheeses with honey and marmalade, and other delicious dishes you can taste and accompany with noble wines.

All dishes are made with genuine ingredients internally produced. Different kinds of risotto, home made pasta,  local meat and cold cuts, typical cheese tastings with jam and honey and other delicious recipes to be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine. The very fresh lake fish, cooked following the ancient tradition, is carely selected from the local fishermen.

Our dishes are prepared with high quality fresh ingredients only, partly coming from our bio cultures, and are cooked in the most light and natural way, using innovative cooking techniques that reducethe fat use.

The downstairs cool cellar always reminds us traditions, flavors and the ancient work that our parents and grand parents.
Today it hosts a selection of the best bottles, from the local wellnown wines from Valtellina to the Lake Como wines from the growers in Domaso, surely deserving great praise.

Of course for the wine-lovers the most popular italian names can’t miss, in order to complete every meal for an unforgettable enogastronomic experience.

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